7 Ways to Enjoy Organic Dates

Organic dates are more than just a satisfying snack. Naturally sweet and high in nutrients, these stone fruits make a great sugar substitute for smoothies and baked goods. Organic dates can also be used to concoct a unique appetizer. You can even get a little bold and add dates to a pizza!

Best of all, this remarkable fruit offers countless health benefits and is a safe addition to many therapeutic and weight loss diets.


What are the Health Benefits of Organic Dates?

  • Sodium-free

  • Cholesterol free

  • An excellent source of fiber

  • High in potassium

  • Rich in antioxidants

  • Loaded with vitamin B6 and other essential nutrients

  • Heart healthy according to the standards of the American Heart Association

So how can you enjoy all the health benefits of dates and keep your diet interesting?

Try these seven ideas.

Organic Date Snacks

#1: Enjoy Organic Dates as a Snack

Dates are already perfect just as they are. From the sugary flavor of Deglet Noor dates to the firm texture and caramel notes of Medjool dates, these fruits always make a great snack.

Keep a few on hand for a healthy, mid-day treat. Add organic dates to your trail mix. Offer them to your kids as a distraction from candy and other less-than-ideal desserts.

#2: Use Dates to Sweeten Baked Goods

Whether chopped or puréed, organic dates make a great addition to almost every baked dessert. Their thick, moist nature lends a chewy texture to cookies and homemade energy bars. And their natural sweetness promises to make every baked item a treat without the need for refined sugar.

For large-scale, commercial baking, you can find date paste at Woodspur Farms. For small, homemade baking projects, blend 1 ½ cups of water with 2 cups of pitted dates to make your own paste.

Organic Dates in Baked Goods

#3: Stuff Them for a Tasty Appetizer

The cavity of a pitted date presents a great opportunity for creative flavor combinations. Try stuffing your Deglet Noor or organic Medjool dates. Our favorite stuffed date options include:

  • Almonds
  • Pecans
  • Walnuts
  • Pistachios
  • Pretzels
  • Cooked grains
  • Goat cheese
  • Bleu cheese
  • Brie cheese
  • Sun-dried tomatoes
  • Peanut butter

If you want to be even more adventurous, wrap your stuffed dates in bacon.

Get creative! The possibilities are endless.

#4: Add Organic Dates to Grains, Rice, or Salad

Add a little sweetness to your next meal by including chopped organic dates. Toss them into a salad. Mix them into your rice or quinoa side dish. Or let them melt into a steaming bowl of oatmeal.

#5: Make Date Syrup for a Nutritious Sweetener

Organic Date Syrup Sweetener

Organic date syrup has countless uses, from flavoring yogurt and salad dressing to sweetening pancakes. You can even use it as a marinade or a glaze.

Date syrup offers a more subtle sweetness than honey, maple syrup, and agave nectar. It also offers more complexity, with notes of brown sugar, caramel, and vanilla.

You can find date syrup in bulk at Woodspur Farms, or you can make your own. All you need for a date syrup recipe is water, oil, and organic dates.

#6: Add Date Powder to Smoothies and Sweets

Date powder—also called date sugar—is a healthy and complex sugar alternative. You can use date powder in any application where you would normally use sugar. Smoothies, confections, seasonings . . . even your morning coffee!

If you’re interested in using date sugar to offer healthy alternatives for your customers, we invite you to check out Woodspur Farms date powder.

If you want to add this ingredient to your personal pantry, it’s surprisingly easy to make yourself. Just sun dry organic dates, grind them in a food processor, and sieve the powder.

How long do dates last?

#7: Bonus Tip: Dates Freeze Well!

Organic dates are a great treat to keep on hand because they are much easier to preserve than most fruits.

Your dates can hold their quality for as long as three months at room temperature. Refrigerate them, and you can get up to six months out of your dates. To preserve them even longer, put them in the freezer and store them for up to two years.

Because organic dates last so long, you don’t have to be shy about stocking up. Buy in bulk so you always have them on hand for a quick snack or last-minute dinner party.

Select Your Organic Dates Carefully

Finally, to get the most enjoyment out of your organic dates, choose your fruit carefully.

What should you look for in a date?

  • Always go organic. All those great health benefits don’t mean anything if your dates are doused in pesticides.
  • Opt for California dates. The highest quality dates typically come from California, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia. If you’re buying in the United States, it’s clear which of these options is going to be the freshest. Go with organic California dates whenever possible.
  • Know your date varieties. Different types of dates have different flavors and different uses. For example, Medjool dates are great for making date syrup, while Noor Deglet dates are preferable in baked goods. Learn more about Medjool dates and Noor Deglet dates here.

Remember, we at Woodspur Farms are always here to answer your questions. As the largest organic date farm in California, we’re always eager to help individuals and businesses discover high-quality, organic dates. Contact us anytime!

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