What’s The Difference between Medjool Dates and Pitted Dates?

Deglet Noor DatesWalk into any fruit store in the United States and ask for organic dates, and the vendor will ask you a simple question. Do you want Medjool dates or Deglet Noor dates? These two varieties of dates constitute as the largest varieties found in regions of the United States and neighboring areas. Not only these areas, but these two types are the most common anywhere in the world. Particularly Deglet Noor Dates.

Back to the vendor, you’re standing there asking yourself if there is a difference between the two types of the same fruit and would that difference be significant? The answer is: YES!

Tastes of dates

Medjool Dates Taste

Understandably, the most noticeable difference between any two varieties of the same fruit comes through in the taste, if not visible otherwise. This is the case with these two varieties of date fruits too. Medjool dates are commonly referred to as ‘Bakers Choice.’ Why? Well, their flavor profile comes in a lot sweeter than the other. Hence, they are seen as a natural sugar substitute and used to make a variety of date-incorporated condiments such as sweeteners and syrups.

Noor Deglet Dates Taste

Noor Deglet Dates, on the other hand, have a comparatively less sweet flavor profile and are thought of as a bit less of a condiment and more so incorporated in whole dishes. The taste of a pitted date is similar to cashew and browned butter. It has a very nutty finish taste. 

What are the origins of organic dates?

Current facts for Medjool Dates

The organic medjool date originated from the country of Morocco. Botanists who first discovered it assigned the scientific name of Phoenix dactylifera. Dates are typically categorized into three types: soft, semi-dry and dry. The “king date” fits into the soft category. Due to their sweeter flavor, bigger size and more fruitful availability, medjool dates are referred to as the “crown jewel of dates.” They are the second most popular date in the country.

Current facts for Noor Deglet Dates

Originally found from Algeria, the organic Noor Deglet dates were first introduced to California over 100 years ago. Similar to it’s medjool brethren, the deglet noor dates come from the same family tree of Phoenix dactylifera. Unlike it’s counterpart however, these dates fall under the semi-dry type in terms of its composition. According to some reports, organic Noor Deglet dates are the most popular date in the United States.

What is the nutritional value for dates?

After flavor comes in nutrition, well they’re synonymous with one another. You’ll understand more if you consider the fact that Medjool dates – the sweeter of the two, have a higher fructose content.

Let’s recap here:

Glucose is pure sugar that we digest and assimilate in our bodies, Fructose is fruit sugar which gives fruits such as mangoes their sweet flavor, and Sucrose is commonly referred to as table sugar, and they constitute a form of sugar most often found at homes.

Now, back to dates. Medjool dates have a higher content of fructose and a practically null content of sucrose. Whereas, Noor Deglet Dates have a relatively similar content of all three sugars. Besides this evident difference that is manifested in taste, the nutritional profile of both of these fruits is more or less the same.

Dates contribute as rich sources of fibre, potassium and magnesium – all essential for normal digestive processes.


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Calorie difference between the dates

This is probably a prominent question asked by anyone looking to make use of the natural sweetness of dates and incorporate them instead of regular sugar.

While one might consider Medjool dates as having the higher calorie content, it is otherwise. Per 100 grams (4 dates):

  • Medjool dates – 277 kcal
  • Noor Deglet Dates – 282 kcal

The numbers aren’t considerably variable when compared to complete dishes, but are nonetheless different.

What do the two dates look like?

There is a considerable difference between their appearances. Medjool dates appear as more Aubrey to light brown and are generally larger. Noor Deglet Dates, on the other hand, are smaller and are a bit darker.

Furthermore, Medjool dates have a less thick fleshy exterior than Noor Deglet Dates and are thus less chewy on taste.

Price difference between dates

Pricing comes at a difference based upon labor and resources. In this case, cultivating Medjool dates takes a bit longer than cultivated Noor Deglet Dates are thus a bit more towards the higher end in comparison.

Uses for organic dates

Medjool Dates

Medjool dates can be used in a wide variety of ways in both raw and cooked forms. If you want to eat them fresh to take in the sweetness, go right ahead. If you want to use them in conjunction with other food, there are many applications. Because medjool dates are rather large relative to deglet noor dates, they can be used as stuffing with savory or sweet fillings such as lemon peel, marzipan, blue cheese, candied orange, or even nuts like pistachios, pecans and almonds. Medjool dates can also be chopped into food dishes such as salads and sandwiches to act as a sweeter complement to the dish. In addition, these organic dates can also be pressed into syrup and blended into smoothies.

Noor Deglet Dates

organic-medjool-dates-woodspur-farmsDeglet Noor dates can be easily chopped and diced without becoming too mush due to their drier nature. They can be used in bakery foods such as bread, cakes and cookies. These organic dates are the preferable for baking because of their modest sweetness. Noor Deglet dates are commonly used as an alternative sweetener for date sugar manufacturing. Flavors that are complimentary with organic Noor deglet dates include maple syrup, cinnamon, coconut, apricot, brandy, rum, chocolate, bacon, pork, poultry and many others.

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